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Timex Triathlon Digital Heart Rate Monitor Watch #T5C351
Feature: ... Target heart rate zone with optional alarms; 5 target zones based on max heart rate; Average/peak heart rate data; Month/day/date with 12/24 hour time; Digital FM transmission for clear signals around exercise equipment and power lines ...more
Customer Reviews — [1] Rating: 5 Date: 2007-01-29 Summary: Great level of function at moderate cost ... This HRM comes in two flavors: A 30-lap model and a Fitness Model. They share most features, although the fitness model is perhaps more appropriate for users interested primarily in the HR functions. The 30-lap model is more for runners and also allows two time-zone monitoring. Both versions have backlighting; very convenient for night runs and other activities. I have a T5C351 F5 model (Fitness) manufactured in China, probably during the second half of 2006 and purchased in January 2007. The unit comes with excellent ...more
[2] Rating: 5 Date: 2007-01-10 Summary: Everything we asked for... ... I got this watch as a Christmas present for my husband. It''s an excellent buy for the price. He''s a big guy (muscular chest) and the size of the band is no problem for him. It''s been an excellent tool for him to use in his workouts. ...more
Editorial Reviews — [1] ... Product Description Heart Rate Monitor. Whether training for a 10K race or exercising to lose weight, the Timex® Digital Heart Rate monitor helps you make the most of your workouts.. Sport Watch Features. Target heart rate zone with optional alarms. 5 target zones based on max heart rate. Average/peak heart rate data. Recovery rate timer . Calories burned . Display with flipping system for easy reading. 100-hour chronograph with lap or split. 100-hour countdown timer. Month/day/date with 12/24 hour time....more
[2] ... Product Description Whether training for a 10K race or exercising to lose some of that spare tire, the Timex T5C351 digital watch with integrated heart rate monitor will help you make the most of your training. Timekeeping features include a 100-hour stopwatch, 100-hour countdown timer, display of month/day/date and 24-hour clock, an alarm with 5-minute back-up, and a display with flipping system for easy reading. It also features a double-shot polyurethane strap, a battery life of 3 years, and water resistance...more

Polar M61 Heart Rate Monitor Watch
Feature: ... Displays heart rate, exercise time, and average heart rate; WearLink Coded transmitter, made from a soft fabric material, eliminates interference from other heart rate monitors; OwnIndex feature will determine your fitness level, track your improvements; Polar OwnZone helps determine an individual exercise zone; calorie counter and goal management; Large easy-to-read, backlit display with split screen; water resistant to 30 meters ...more
Customer Reviews — [1] Rating: 4 Date: 2006-12-01 Summary: Good but may be overkill ... I''ve used a Polar A1 basic heart monitor for several months, found it useful for losing weight and gaining fitness, but found myself wishing for something a bit better. Now that I also have the much fancier Polar M61, I''m seeing anew the virtues of simplicity (not to mention low cost.) Compared to the A1, the M61 usefully adds a stopwatch and regular watch (with either visible along with the current heart rate), and a backlight. It also beeps at you if your heart rate goes above or below a specified target zone. I ...more
[2] Rating: 5 Date: 2006-07-11 Summary: An excellent training companion. It helped me lose more than 200 lbs. ... The Polar M61 is an excellent training tool. I used this watch for many years before I bough the s625x running computer about a year ago, and I loved it. With the help of this Watch I loss more than 200 lbs over a year and a half period. I went from size 44 to size 32 pants, and I have been able of keep in shape for more than 5 years now!!! This watch helped me workout in my fat burning zone, by setting the appropiate HR zone. Once you star using it, you will be so hooked-up to all the useful information you receive ...more
Editorial Reviews — [1] ... Product Description The M61 features the WearLink Coded transmitter made from a soft, fabric material. The electrodes, which pick up the heart signals, are integrated right into the strap for added flexibility and comfort. The Coded feature eliminates interference from other heart rate monitors. OwnIndex will determine your fitness level, track your improvements, and provide motivation. The OwnCal feature counts the calories and fat that you burn and the new OwnZone feature will automatically determine each...more
[2] ... Product Description Work out at the right intensity and hit your fitness goals with the Polar M61 Heart Rate Monitor, ideal for the serious exerciser looking to lose weight or reach the next level of fitness. You can use the M61 monitor to conveniently view your heart rate while walking, swimming, biking, cross-country skiing, or any other exercise without disturbing your exercise rhythm. The wristwatch-like monitor features a large display that includes 12/24-hour time of day, alarm, and stopwatch. The transmitter...more

Sportline 340 Strider Pedometer
Feature: ... Accurately measures walking, hiking distance; Ultra-compact design; Records from .01 to 1000 miles on large electronic digital display; Stride length adjustable from 1 to 5 feet; Tough belt clip ...more
Customer Reviews — [1] Rating: 4 Date: 2007-01-03 Summary: Good cost to quality ratio ... Although not the most durable pedometer, this is nevertheless a good product for its price. It''s small and mostly inconspicuous if worn on a daily basis. My only real issue is that when I''ve ordered it (I have done so several times), the color of the casing is not neccesarily the same as in the picture. Knowing exactly what I was buying, or being able to choose the color when buying would make the experience a bit better. ...more
[2] Rating: 5 Date: 2007-01-03 Summary: Great for the price!! ... All we needed was a basic easy to use pedometer, this did the trick and we still use this every walk, hike, run! Good product!! ...more
Editorial Reviews — [1] ... Product Description The Sportline 340 Electronic Walking Pedometer displays miles walked since its last reset, rather than steps taken making it great for those interested in recording miles but less than ideal who want to count steps. Stride length can be set in increments 0.1 feet, which provides increased accuracy of distance information. Economical large display electronic pedometer for walkers and hikers. Includes a personal stride adjustment feature. Pendulum movement. Records from .01 to 1000 miles...more
[2] ... Product Description Simple yet effective, the tiny, ultra-lightweight Sportline 340 Strider pedometer is great for all walkers and hikers. The 340 accurately measures steps you take, and it features both automatic and manual stride measurement (adjustable from 1 to 5 feet) to assist you with accurate stride length setting. This pedometer records 0.01 to 1,000 miles on the large electronic digital display, and it takes a single press of a button to reset back to zero. It features pendulum movement and a tough...more

Reebok Fitwatch 10S Strapless Heart Rate Monitor Watch
Feature: ... Lightweight and slender design for women; Uses pulse technology to measure heart rate by finger touch; Programmable heart rate zone with audible and visual alarms; Fully water-resistant; Water resistant; features regular watch functions plus stopwatch and countdown timer ...more
Customer Reviews — [1] Rating: 4 Date: 2007-01-19 Summary: good product but not for everyone ... The watch is a good product and like the look/color of it, but it would not work on me. I called Reebok and was told that some people it would not work on because of the nerve endings. This was not disclosed anywhere and would have reconsidered since I had been struck previously by lightning. When I was going to return it, there was a 15% restocking charge on items opened. ...more
[2] Rating: 4 Date: 2006-06-07 Summary: Good Product with one drawback. ... I recently purchased this product and was dissapointed that it doesn''t continuously take your heart rate. You have to push down on the two silver buttons above and below the screen with your index and middle fingers to get a heart rate reading. If I would have done my research beforehand I wouldn''t have been surprised at this, I know. Anyway, now that I have it I am pretty pleased with the product. The pros of this product are as follows; I really like not having to wear a chest strap transmitter. I like that it is ...more
Editorial Reviews — [1] ... Product Description The Fitwatch 10S is the smallest strapless heart rate monitor currently available and has the fastest heart rate pickup. The 10S offers top-of-the line features including calorie counter, high/low target zone alarms, audible and visual alarms, gender settings, 100 hour stopwatch and countdown timers and more. The 10S is water resistant and made from durable plastic...more
[2] ... Product Description Specifically made for women, with its lightweight and slender design, this all-in-one heart rate monitor and sports watch by Reebok uses a patented method called "pulse technology" to measure the electrical pulses sent out by your heart each time it beats. Of course, the amazing part is that it works by finger touch rather than the cumbersome chest strap used by most other heart monitors. Within four seconds of touching the sensors on the watch, you can get not only an accurate heart rate...more